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DC Effect after our victory at PSP World Cup.


Welcome the official site of DC Effect. Here, you will find out exactly what is going down with our team. Be sure to check the Latest Results page to see how we are doing.

For the 2006 season we plan on playing in the PSP again. We decided that we are going to play D4 5-man Xball.



  • PTS - March 12
  • PTS - April 9
  • PSP Las Vegas- April 20-23
  • PTS - May 7
  • PTS - June 4
  • PSP Chicago- June 22-25
  • PTS - July 9
  • PTS - August 6
  • PSP San Diego- August 10-13
  • PTS - September 17
  • PSP Northeast- Sept. 21-24
  • PTS - October 15
  • PSP World Cup- Nov. 6-12
  • PTS - November 19
  • PTS - December 10

1st Place Trophy

DC Effect wins in PSP World Cup

DC Effect won 1st place in Orlando, FL, at the PSP World Cup. With a perfect 14 wins and 0 losses, DC Effect blew through the competition. The team even beat DBS Kids who beat DC Effect at the Northeast Open. 

We would like to thank Draxxus, Vforce, and Pevs for their help in our success at World Cup.