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About DC Effect


  • Adam Sitts
  • Brandon Rabackoff
  • Alex Rudolph
  • Austin Fairbanks
  • Jimmy Brendel
  • Zack Glasscock
  • Daniel Boyle
  • Wade Bertman
DC Effect at Pevs Paintball

About the Team

     DC Effect was formed in early July of 2005. Since then we have participated in two PSP events in the Young Guns division. They are Northeast Open and World Cup. We have done fairly well for a newly made team.

     DC Effect practices at Pevs Paintball, located in Leesburg, Virginia. We hold practices almost every week and are always looking for new teams to practice against us. If your team would like to schedule a 5-man scrimmage against us, be sure to give us an email.


Pevs Paintball

Email Adam at: